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Friday, 10 March 2017

Don't Forget Your Cyber Security! "Not Important Enough?" Not Fuckin' Smart Enough! You Know What to Do!

If you do any satire or commentary or activism or art that is in any way whatsoever critical of government policies (yes, that includes peaceful folks like you and me who have the courage of our pacifist or non-interventionist convictions!), then make sure you have proper security software, and you acquaint yourself fully with the various options.

You can either teach yourself, or get online guides.

I would question whether there is such a thing as bullet-proof protection; but then, some is surely better than none.

I don't just mean basic, weedy things either. Try a comprehensive package from (say) McAfee or Norton. You know John Mcafee, right? He's one of the good guys! Libertarian Party, USA. You might not agree with his economics (I don't!), but you have to admire what a lot of people on the libertarian right (such as Justin Amash and the Paul family) have done in opposing unconstitutional surveillance. On the left, of course, there are the Intercept crew (for example).

Anyway, the point is:

If you do any form of remotely critical writing, i.e. any form of writing or art whatsoever, pretty much, other than stupid cat videos... if that!), then you do need some kind of decent software.

I'm not talking about a basic free antivirus.

Beg, borrow or steal... OK maybe not steal, but then again I'm not my brother's keeper; nor my sister's!

Again also make sure you acquaint yourself with the various settings. I really can't emphasize this enough. You can actually ramp up protection beyond 'default' without any real hindrance, so far as I can tell.

And you should.

And always remember:

The default assumption is not that you are 'not important enough,' and nobody is watching you.

The default assumption is that you are being watched, until there is evidence to the contrary; which there can't be!

And that even if you aren't, you will be in the future, and you should be careful about that shit.
 Look at the absolute state, or rather the absolute scale, of CIA infiltration and subversion and malignant, cancerous growth, according to this WaPo article, which appeals to the recent Wikileaks dump. 

Be smart!

 Be safe!

But not TOO safe...

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