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Friday, 10 March 2017

Are the Arizona Gestapo (CIAsis) Watching Me? Attempted Hack of my Computer from An Akumai Technologies Domain

Lightly edited from my two Facebook posts this evening:

Post 1. 

My McAfee software just tried to intercept an illicit connection, where someone tried to make a connection to my computer from Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The IP address corresponds with Akamai technologies, which is said to be NSA-affiliated. In addition, Lake Havasu City were also looking for CIA operatives recently. Draw your own conclusions.

Post 2. 

Here are the details of the Akamai Technologies (AT) computer who (according to my Mcafee security software) just tried to hack me this evening.


City: Lake Havasu City

Region: AZ

Country: United States

Location: 34.4432 N, 114.2424 W

The fact that the CIA were trying to recruit in that city is circumstantial, and wouldn't necessarily mean very much on its own.

E.g. http://salarygenius.com/…/lake-hav…/salary/cia-agents-salary

 However, by googling the ISP, you can find this:


For some reason, the Amsterdam branch of AT, and not just the Arizona, shares the same ISP: 

So far, so speculative. Who are Akumai? I haven't provided a 'smoking gun' of any kind yet; only circumstantial shit about their looking for CIASIS operatives.

But here's where it gets interesting:




Allegations that Akamai deeply and deliberately entangled with the NSA are difficult to prove, and need not be accepted at first blush.

However, it is difficult to know why a computer from an Akamai ISP would be wanting to hack my computer, unless my anti-war critique has caught the interest of some malignant forces in this world.

I am putting this on my Facebook because I have nothing to hide, and therefore nothing whatsoever to fear.

"Speak not because it is convenient, but because it is right." (Edward Snowden)

A few more points.

Again, there is no definitive proof of what is going on.

But it is deeply suspicious.

It is not CERTAIN the Caustic Incompetence Agency are watching me.

However, there are only two alternative explanations.

1. Mcafee was completely wrong.

2. All the ISP domain name sources were wrong. (Spoofing?)

3. I was being hacked by Akumai for some unknown reason, unrelated to my anti-war satire.

Whatever is going on here, there is clearly something deeply suspicious.

If my suspicions are indeed correct (and it is hard to say this with full certainty), then chucking a few memes off the back of a lorry is a bigger priority for the Arizona Gestapo than actual terrorists, actualy dangerous people.

I have had problems with my mouse cursor moving in ways contrary to my intention (generally considered a good indicator of a possible hack), and I've written in the past about suspicious things. There have been relatively circumstantial things, and relatively more convincing things.
The most likely scenario is that I have been hacked, either by Akumai or by someone spoofing Akumai.
Either way, serious questions must be asked...


I do not have an answer to these questions.
But I am not afraid.
First, we are against it; second, we are not afraid of it
And that, as Slavoj Zizek says:
There is definitely something terrifying about this attitude - however, this terror is nothing less than the condition of freedom.

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