Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Honest Adolph Novel Serial (Vol II) Chapter 7: Humanitarian Rape

Senator Bubble’s day had finally arrived.
But most of all, it was America’s day!
Wait… did I get that one the right way around?
‘Freakin’ straight on, Bubble!’ Alan roared.
Bubble cleared his throat.
He cleared his bowels, and then his throat again.
Well, might as well make an effort, huh?
‘Alright, everybody!’ Bubble roared.
Aeons and endless universes away, Otis bowed his head and scribbled like buggery.
‘For the last flamin’ time!’ the shameless pen-waver bawled. ‘It is your word against his! What the hell do you expect me to do? Unless you’ve got some evidence the boy fucked with you, what the hell am I supposed to do? ‘Oh, by the way, Mr Judge, this Miss Willow girl says Benny Pilder (of all the goddamn unlikely people in the world, for Chrissakes!) might just have got fucking dicky with it, and y’know, maybe just, like maybe just, on the off chance, you could maybe see if there’s some truth in the story?’
‘Fuckin’ brown sugar,’ Cassie moanie-moaned, bobbing her head in runny-shit-ridden-ecstacy.
‘Fuckin’ brown as fuck, and goes down like a bomb.’

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Ideas for Other Anti-War OR Intervention-Skeptical Sites You Can Read (1/3)

It would be great do a proper series of articles on pacifist, non-interventionist, or intervention-skeptical sites; whether single-issue sites, or outlets with a broader focus. For now, here is a list of places where you can find such views.

Please be warned that some of these sites are not necessarily consistently anti-war; I merely place them here because you can find some anti-war views on them; in some cases, these views may be mixed with pro-war views.

This list is non-partisan in terms of left or right; be warned that a certain proportion of the following sites do contain inflammatory and unreasonable content, and listing these sites is for educational purposes only, rather than as an endorsement.

The next two instalments will follow on Sunday and Monday


Russia Today

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Honest Adolph Novel Serial (Vol II) Chapter 6: I Can See Your Gas-Chambers from My House! (3/3)


‘Now, however, critics have been plague-shamed into oblivion. The one and only antibiotic to the neocon plague and liberal interventionist ebola had been inoculated without mercy.
‘People had only half-cared. Perhaps a few even 75% cared, or even 99%. But in the end, even critics of the barbaric culture of humanitarian genocide and humanitarian child-rape had their qualms and their reservations.
‘You know what, Jane? Just pack your bags and come with me. Come with me.
‘Anywhere! The spaces here are infinite and boundless. Strike this path, be a pioneer; and others will follow too. This is the only ‘America’ that exists now, and that ever will exist.
‘Will you join me? I’m not taking no for an answer.’


‘Ha! Ha! Ha! Well, isn’t that just the best!’ snorted Marcus Charleston Bubble. ‘I mean, I know these people like their drugs; but sheesh, oh my God, Dickie! Talk about timely payback, huh?’
Dickie Klindel’s beady eyes darted back and forth. ‘I don’t think a strategically expedient post-mortem is out of the question. It’s not the first time in hissstory. Are you quite sure? Politics is the art of risk management, after all. It is little else, don’t you think, when it comes down to it?’
Marchus grunted. ‘Fuck you. You think I’m afraid of the stupid tranny comrades of this liberal piece of shit who just died there? Probably too busy sawing their dicks off outside our elementary school to worry about this crap! I mean, oh c’mon man, seriously! These guys are just lazy-assed flaming parasites, aren’t they? What the hell could they possibly try and pull? People who stagger around on freaking crystal meth 24/7 couldn’t possibly dream of giving us any serious opposition. Give me a break!’