Thursday, 20 October 2016

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Silly Thursday: Three Stories at Satirical-Industrial Complex!

One of the two partner sites to Neocon Surveillance, Satirical-Industrial Complex, has just got a boost with three stories over the course of today! One is out already... watch out for the next too at 15.30 pm and 15.45 pm, UK time.

Is a Libertarian Vote for Trump Unconscionable?

The US Presidential Election is upon us.

Faced with a binary choice, a Libertarian would rightly consider voting for Mr Trump over Secretary Clinton. Ask yourself which of the two "candidates" has a proven track record of choosing war? Was the Libyan intervention in 2011 a war of choice? As President Obama stated at the Democrat Convention this past summer, no one ever running has been more qualified. That was a subtle statement that after the years of war, drones and regime change, Hillary Clinton is highly aware and capable of expanding the American military presence globally. She deserves no consideration from a Libertarian.

And what of Mr Trump? He has said many things, occasionally sounding isolationist and seeking to reconsider the American military empire. He has been a promoter of better relations with Russia to make them an ally in the fight against The Islamic State.

Yet he has no experience.Trump has no consistency on most issues, likely due to a lack of fundamental economic and political principles. Trump occasionally plays strongman and tough guy for example. Can you trust him as a clear advocate for peaceful compromise and a reluctance to use military force? It has been said that of the two, you are faced with certain death or a 50-50% chance of some restraint in war and in government. Sad indeed.

Monday, 17 October 2016

(GUEST POST) Lisa Way: Guantanamo Versus the Rule of Law

This is my response to the following article about 5 alleged 9/11 masterminds, who have been held at Gitmo since 2002 still in pre-trial hearings: 

No doubt due in large part to lack of mainstream media attention of ongoing Guantanamo proceedings, many Americans today believe the perpetrators of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack all perished on that day. People are unaware of the fact that the US government has detained five men with alleged connection, at least one of whom is deemed to be a "mastermind".

The 9/11 attack is the ultimate reason given for the reprised "War on Terror" in all its bleeding aspects, including but not limited to, Guantanamo Bay detention itself, the policy of torture in indefinite prison without trial, the Iraq War in 15th year with no exit plan, Patriot Act in its Constitution crushing entirety, unending escalations of televised terror threat, TSA, HSA and militarized police expansions, subsequent invasions and occupations of the Middle East culminating today with US troops in four haphazard ground wars, all authorized solely by the 9/11 triggered Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), which also facilitates ever expanding global US Arms distribution, and all losses of privacy and civil liberties at home and abroad since then.

Why is it nobody in authority seems to care that our government, in the midst of all its ongoing so called anti-terror pursuits of justice, the perpetrators actually captured languish today in illegal detention without trial or publicized hearing or even an update for the people, much less a final judgement, over 14 YEARS (on the taxpayer dime)?

US Gov representatives and anyone else claiming to give a damn about bringing the perpetrators of 9/11 to justice, or about holding people responsible for their crimes, or about justice in general, or about healing the wounds of the victims of 9/11 or the spirit of the American people and the world, should not be ignoring the situation of the alleged actual perpetrators of the most heinous and devastating crime against USA, ever - the now indelible constant refrain of American Terrorwar culture: 9/11 9/11 9/11...

Ignoring the matter of illegal and immoral detention only bolsters the appearance that US Gov cares only about the opportunistic use of tragedy, fear and emotion to facilitate political agendas. Only parts of the 9/11 narrative that further those goals are discussed. If people don't care what happens to actual perpetrators, then maybe they don't believe these are indeed the actual perpetrators. But that only raises more questions: Who are they? And if they are not the perpetrators, then what is the purpose of holding them indefinitely under false allegations and giving them lawyers and constant attention from judges at endless hearings and disputes over alleged evidence, as if they really are who the government claims?

Surely repeated interrogations have yielded all the information possible by now. Are they being held in secret without trial as "known associates" just to keep them out of play, and as daily reminders to their families and countrymen? Are they just scapegoats of the time- another blunder or falsification that government doesn't want to admit, so quietly following through with pre-trial ad infinitum is the way to handle it without handling it?

What is the purpose of Gitmo hearings? Why not try them in our legitimate and conventional criminal justice system, as we have with war criminals in the past?

None of this makes sense. Can somebody explain why nobody seems to care about justice, or even just plain punishment, in this case, of all cases?

These five alleged 9/11 terrorists were detained beginning in 2001-2002. The more time that passes, the less credibility the system itself and the official 9/11 narrative (which uses a real act of jihadist terrorism to legitimise atrocities elsewhere in the world) seem to have.

Lisa Way

Honest Adolph (Novel Serial) Chapter 4: Sisterhood is Treason (Instalment 2)

If it wasn’t for all you fuckin' queers and trannies with your alternative lifestyle nonsense, there wouldn’t be no such damn thing as this here dirty Arab terrorism…
That’s exactly what our father said before he burst that blood vessel. And Marcus said it on purpose. My own flesh and blood; the only one left. I lost the love and the affection of my father because I couldn’t live this way; not like that. I tried, I really tried so, so hard. And now we are the only two left. And my brother is getting his revenge.
And the pills just aren’t working any more. Jane… I’m sorry. I’m so, so, sorry. I just can’t do this any more.’ Sandy’s quivering hands reached inside her handbag, one last time.
‘I’m doing this for us; if only you could understand, Jane. If only you could understand…’
Sandy’s screams echoed terrifying across the lift shaft, as the elevator gushed with blood.

The bill for elevator repairs and cleaning-up Marcus was to send to Jane the following week was the least of her concerns.
But Marcus made sure to add as a parting shot:
‘So make no mistake, Jake, or Jane, or whatever the hell you want to call yourself. This bill is not an olive branch. This is all strictly business. I haven’t forgiven you and your stupid brofags for killing my sister. I just wish that it was you who had killed yourself instead. At least I’d still have had someone left. Just go ahead and fucking do the decent thing, would you?
Well, preferably after you’ve coughed up, huh? Guess there’s at least one good thing left in this world you can do, huh?
Oh, and by the way…

Honest Adolph (Novel Serial) Chapter 4: Sisterhood is Treason (Instalment 1)

Senator Bubble snorted as he flicked through the news channels. ‘Oh for the love of God, would you quit chewing that gum like a fuckin’ imbecile, Sandy?’ he roared. Sandy spat out her gum.
‘Not on the… hey, well you know what? Whatever! You want to live like a swine, I can treat you like a swine, sis!’
Sandy smirked. ‘You’d be nothing without me, Mark.’
Marcus’s piggy little swine-eyes disappeared under a cataclysm of rolling, gleaming bulges of almost suppurating fat.
‘You are a punk rocker, Sandy. You know who I am?’
Sandy rolled her eyes. ‘At a wild guess, I’d say just some big shot establishment politico who sits on his ass in this office all day and tries to think of new ways of throwing the women, gays and minorities in our state under the bus, purely because it suits his pitiful, fragile little straight white guy ego.’
Marcus smirked. ‘Straight white guy, huh? You ever heard of any civilization worth the name that wasn’t governed by these ohhh-so-awwwful straight white guys like me? C’mon, answer me, sis! Tell you something for nothing, Sandy, if we went away, you people would be the first to scream out at us on bended knee, pleading for mercy. I tell you what, if we ever finally do go Galt and let the blacks and the abortionists and the flaming black abortionists and the Riot Grrrl transgender witchcraft homosupremacist dyking fraternity run the show…’
Sandy strode over to Marcus, grabbed his collar and laughingly put all 200lbs of worthless Beltway-craving pork refuse against the wall.
A genuine spasm of terror flashed over Marcus’ face.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Zero Truth in '9/11 Truth:' Serious Anti-War Critics Reject Conspiracy Theories

Honest Adolph (Novel Serial) Chapter 3: Waiting for the Messiah

The raincoat dripped. His forehead dripped. Every last atom of body and soul; soaked to the marrow.
‘Hey! Where’s my fare, you English cheapskaaaaate!’ roared a voice in the distance. A car door slammed, and a cascade of horns descended upon the City of Unbearable Frickin’ Insomnia, as Saul Friedman never tired of calling it.
But this man was no Saul Friedman. For, rather than muttering and fidgeting his way through the town, bumping markets stalls, deadening his elbow on irrationally planted lampposts, and coming within an inch of colliding a child or ten into an unanticipated hospital vacation, the man who was coming to visit Saul Friedman inched with cat-like tread throughout the city. No matter what obstacles present themselves to his cautious eyes, this most feline of urban dwellers evaded them all. Nothing could thwart him.