Sunday, 25 September 2016

Did Freedom of Speech First Come to England and Wales in 2013?

The offence of ‘scandalising the judiciary’ was not abolished in England and Wales until 2013.

Up to 2013, freedom of speech (as regards the critique of the judiciary, an absolute and non-negotiable cornerstone of liberty) was absolutely non-existent in England or Wales. That’s something to think about. If criticism of the judiciary were not free in England and Wales, today, in 2015, that would be a sign of illicit privilege harking back to and justifying the medieval times where monarchs, aristocrats and clerics tyrannised over their subjects, serfs and flocks.

Perhaps those unreconstructed humanists in the UK who wish to ‘educate’ other countries out of the ‘error of their ways’ should remember that just two years ago, such a draconian, tyrannical and authoritarian law as this was upon the books in England and Wales.

People in England and Wales are now more free, and more safe, and more secure, because this anti-liberty, anti-equality and anti-justice law is off the books. Freedom of speech cannot exist where some individuals are immune from criticism. I hang my head in shame, to think that such has existed in England and Wales, until recent times. The path to liberty is a slow and unending trudge. Let’s not forget though, that even Bilbo and Sam cannot see all ends.


I posted the following (originally published on my Wallace Runnymede blog), in order to raise the issue once more of creeping authoritarianism in the so-called 'Free World.' This piece does not directly relate to terrorism; but it does raise the matter of how very far from pristine the UK is when it comes to the civilized values 'we' (i.e. the government) are making such a poor pretense of endeavoring to defend.

I hope this article leads to serious reflection on how the mythology of 'Freedom Lovers' is contrary to freedom, to liberty, to equality and to radical individualism.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Project Adolf Unveiled: Meet Honest Adolph!

I spoke not long ago about Project Adolph. But what is it?

Well, from Monday 26 September onwards, Neocon Surveillance will be serializing a new anti-war novel. The novel's  name is:

Honest Adolph.

The first volume of the novel will become an ebook in October 2016: more precise release date details to be announced soon! The ebook will also be accompanied by a print version. This first  volume is entitled:

Hunger for Justice.

The novel is set in the near future, leading up to a new Presidential election.

The warmongering Republican and Democratic establishment are expecting to sweep the board, and fortify the current neoconservative/liberal interventionist consensus.

Dissident Republican Senator Saul Friedman is one of the very last of a dying breed of libertarian Republicans.

Expelled from the party, Friedman implores his old friend Adolph Adams to run for the presidency. The plainspeaking and sober Adams is deemed a pitiful joke by the establishment, but he does have some succeed in garnering votes. However, it is simply impermissible that a non-interventionist could ever gain the Democratic ticket. Adams is no more welcome in the Democrats than Friedman was in the Republican Party.

Is there any hope at all that Adams can roll back the tide of interventionist barbarism?

Either way, he faces some truly formidable and cunning foes, who will not relinquish their privilege lightly. Caught between a rabble-rousing firebreather Republican Frontrunner, a hideously callous Democratic leader and various cynical, unprincipled, talented mediocrities, it is not only the career of Adolph Adams that is in peril.

If his enemies can only but once have their way, Adolph's defiance of the status quo will eventually cost him his life.

Can this sober and levelheaded man of principle manage to evade the devious plots and schemes of 'the great and the good?'

The only way to find out is to follow this serial.

Friday, 23 September 2016

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Great Amcon Op-Ed on 'World Policemanship'

Daniel Larison of American Conservative has done a great piece criticizing the ideal of the 'world policeman.'
For one thing, the entire “village” isn’t burning, and the vast majority of the world is at peace. The need for both “policeman” and “firefighter” is exaggerated to make it seem as if the world will fall into chaos unless the U.S. acts as the author wants, but that isn’t the case.
Yes... pity it even needs to be said, huh?

I love the way the petty concerns of a few individuals are projected onto the planet as a whole.

The world is a big place...

Listen, neocon! Listen liberal interventionist!


I just went full Murray Bookchin on your ass.

UPDATE: Clarified which passage was actually being quoted from this great article.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

PROJECT ADOLF: After Rfreed's Great Novel, Another Fiction to Follow!

Here at the Peace Criminals Project, and more specifically at Neocon Surveillance, we've been deeply honored to have obtained permission to serialize the alternative history novel '9/12/01' by Rfreed! The last instalment has just recently been published... please do consider looking into buying it at Lulu or Apple iBooks.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

When Even Carl Schmitt is More Correct Than You Are, You Know You've Got Problems!

It's surprising that Carl Schmitt, of all people, said this! It sounds like some kind of ethically serious posthumanist or anti-humanist critique:
The concept of humanity is an especially useful ideological instrument of imperialist expansion, and in its ethical-humanitarian form it is a specific vehicle of economic imperialism. Here one is reminded of a somewhat modified expression of Proudhon’s: whoever invokes humanity wants to cheat. To confiscate the word humanity, to invoke and monopolize such a term probably has certain incalculable effects, such as denying the enemy the quality of being human and declaring him to be an outlaw of humanity; and a war can thereby be driven to the most extreme inhumanity.

Monday, 19 September 2016

9/12/2001 by Rfreed: The Bitter End

The meeting had gone well. Everyone present was satiated, not only with the smorgasbord of good news but also with the rich foods that filled their bellies.

After it Cheney went off into a side room. Conroy followed him in.

Conroy clapped Cheney on the shoulder, one of very few people who would ever dare to do such. “Just remember Dick, don't ever let bein' the President make you think too big of yourself. It is us who put you here.” He then swept his arm off with a finality. Anger puffed in Cheney's face, but he did not let it out. He knew only too well how true that comment was.

The man took a couple paces before Cheney blew. It did take Conroy by surprise. Unknown to him it didn't take much these days to swiftly alter the new President's mood. Cheney had always been the one in control, and he thought the new role of Presidency had put an extra curb on him. He knew that wasn't the case when Cheney's glowering face pushed itself into his.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Finale of '9/12/01' Appears Tomorrow, 19 September 2016!

The final instalment of the ebook serial of Rfreed's '9/12/01' appears tomorrow, September 2016!

Remember you can buy the book at Lulu and at Apple iBooks.

By the way, I will give you exciting news soon about ANOTHER new ebook serial, here at Neocon Surveillance! Author, title and concept yet to be disclosed.

For now, enjoy the final instalment, and be sure to catch up here on any you may have missed:

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